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Deputy PM meets BNP Paribas executives over equitisation

Head of BNP Paribas for the Asia-Pacific region Christian De Charnace said his bank has participated in consulting many privatization deals of State-owned enterprises in France and is the consultant for Vietnamese low-budget Vietjet Air’s IPO. 

He gave advice on how to evaluate State-owned enterprises; strategic investors; the role of consultants in State-owned enterprise equitisation; classification of shares; among others. 

Deputy PM Hue regards the recommendations as significant to the Vietnamese Government in making and refining policies and laws pertaining to equitisation and divestment. 

He expressed his hope that the bank stands ready to provide consultancy for the Vietnamese Government, ministries, and sectors in related fields. 

Up to 96 percent of State-owned enterprises have been equitized but only 8 percent of State capital was sold to the public, said Hue.