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Deputy FM reaffirms Vietnam’s resolve to defend sovereignty

Hanoi, May 30 (VNA) - China’s actions over the recent days have been seen as a fanfare of power threatening Vietnamese ships, said radio The Voice of Vietnam (VOV).

Despite being moved, Chinese drilling rig Haiyang Shiyou-981 is still located in Vietnam’s continental shelf.

Vice Chairman of the National Assembly (NA) Committee for Defence and Security Tran Dinh Nha made the remark in response to the media on China's actions in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone on the sidelines of the current session of the 13th NA on May 29.

*What is your comment on China moving its oil rig tens of miles to Tri Ton island? Is this the next step in their strategy?

It is likely to happen and they can still put off strategy. In terms of mining, if deliberately drilling, the location can be more accurate. All of their actions have been calculated in advance. However, Vietnam is very consistent in struggling with China. Moving the rig site to one or another place is still within Vietnam’s continental shelf, thus causing difficulties and tense situation.

*Before China’s move, is there any change in Vietnam's struggle?

It remains unchanged, we still demand China to pull the rig off Vietnam’s territorial waters. Many schemes have been planned, but it still depends on the attitude and behavior of China.

*What will Vietnam do next if China still persists with this wrong attitude?

Vietnam still needs to comply with international law and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) in order to deal with the issue step by step. If China insists its stance, this case must be brought to the International Arbitration Court.

*What do you think about China’s deployment of warships and mine countermeasures vessels in Vietnam’s continental shelf?

It is the act of intimidation against Vietnamese law enforcement forces to flaunt their military power. Under international law, military boats can pass through the territorial waters of other countries, but in China's case, it is just a fanfare of power threatening Vietnamese ships.

According to international law, weapon on board should be fully covered, but China not only did not do that but also pointed guns at Vietnamese fishermen. It is a flagrant violation of the UNCLOS.

*China’s sinking of a Vietnamese fishing boat is very brazen and brutal. What is your assessment of support activities for fishermen?

We will have projects to provide stronger support for fishermen such as helping them repair their boats or deal with other problems. China intentionally ramming Vietnamese fishing vessels in broad daylight is a really blatant act .