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Delegates’ ideas help enrich Party Congress’s documents

Hanoi, January 23 (VNA) – 12 th National Party Congress delegates have joined in clarifying, enriching and supplementing the documents submitted to the Congress as said the Congress Secretariat on the morning of January 23.

Through their 686 opinions, the delegates agreed that the documents had been prepared meticulously, thoroughly and seriously with tight and logical structure and concise contents.

The reports also selectively acquired the ideas collected from Party Congresses at the grassroots level as well as suggestions made by organisations and individuals.

During the discussions, many delegates asked for supplementing, perfecting and further clarifying several assessments, forecasts, targets, points of view, tasks and measures mentioned in the documents.

They also proposed adjusting some targets and changing the wording of the reports.

The 12 th Party Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam is taking place in Hanoi from January 20-28.