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Culture-tourism village welcomes 500,000 visitors

The Culture-Tourism Village for Vietnamese Ethnic Groups on the western outskirts of Hanoi welcomed some 500,000 visitors from the outset of this year, up 20 percent from the same time in 2017, the village’s management board said on December 3.

A wide range of activities have been organised to promote their intangible cultural heritages. Ethnic groups from 39 localities across the nation and 500 artists from central theaters have contributed to the kaleidoscope of cultures at the village, where a broad range of intangible cultural heritages are promoted.

This month, the village will dazzle its visitors as it is becomes covered in Mexican sunflowers and buckwheat flowers, hosting a variety of cultural activities from different ethnic groups to welcome in the new year under the “Sac hoa” (beauty of flowers) programme.

In particular, the mountain market – which features the traditional cuisines and folk games of the Mong, Lao, Khang, Thai, Tay, Dao, and Kho Mu ethnic groups – promises to be a fascinating event for visitors.

In addition, the Ruou Can festival, which is centred on a special wine stored in a large jar and drunken with a long pipe, will be acted out by the Khang ethnic group in Son La province’s Quynh Nhai district. The festival is organised from the first to the third month of the Lunar calendar, praying for good health and prosperous villages.

Stellar artistic performances of the ethnic people will be staged at the village as well.