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Chinese assets continue illegal activities at East Sea

Chinese coast guard vessel 3041 on May 12 fired water cannon on Vietnamese ship Truong Sa 22, which was undertaking a law enforcement mission in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone and continental shelf where China illegally installed its drilling rig Haiyang Shiyou 981.

The act was recorded at 8:40 on May 12, at 15 degrees 22 minutes 58 seconds and 111 degrees 09 minutes, about seven nautical miles south of where the drilling rig illegally stands, according to the Vietnam Coast Guard on May 12.

This was part of ongoing activities taken by China’s vessels, including military ships, and jets escorting its drilling rig preventing Vietnamese law enforcement forces from performing their mission at Vietnam’s waters.

At 9:00, Vietnam Coast Guard ship CSB 8003 detected China’s vessel 534 from a distance of about three nautical miles while it was at the 15 degrees 31 minutes 48 seconds and 111 degrees 09 minutes 30 seconds, about 7.3 nautical miles south of the rig.

At 9:21, Vietnamese ship CSB 8003’s operation was affected as Chinese coast guard vessels 3210 and 3411 were between 300 and 500 metres in front and at its back.

From 9:15 to 9:30, Chinese helicopter B.7112 was flying over ships CSB 8003 and Truong Sa 22 of Vietnam at a height of between 250 and 300 metres.

Chinese ship 3411 and another one continued keeping a distance of 500 metres from Vietnamese ships CSB 8003 and 2013.