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Central city to improve health care for HIV/AIDS kids

Da Nang, November 5 (VNA) - The Foreign Affairs Department of Da Nang and the Vietnam Health Improvement Project (VNHIP) have inked a new agreement on improving health care for kids with HIV/AIDS in the central city in 2017-21.

The project aims to provide scholarships, school facilities, health care, and life-skills training, and to support the children’s families with a livelihood.

As planned, the project will focus on the first 50 kids and young people under 25 who have HIV/AIDS, as well as their families.

The city has 100 kids living with HIV/AIDS.
The central city was among the top locals raising efforts to control the number of new HIV cases as it controlled a ratio of 0.15 percent of HIV cases among the population since 2008.

VNHIP, which has been working in central Vietnam since 2008 to ensure that the most disadvantaged and marginalised people have equal access to quality health care and health education, is operating with some projects in Quang Nam province.

Vietnam hopes to reduce the number of people with HIV to 0.3 percent by 2020./.