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Carrot Cultivation in Thai Tan

Thai Tan Commune in Nam Sach District, Hai Duong Province was an alluvial land where the locals only planted peanuts and corn with poor productivity. Therefore, the locals decided to restructure their agricultural plants and shift to carrot cultivation. This plant proves suitable for the soil and brings high economic value, contributing to the improvement of the locals’ living standards and promoting economic development.
We visited Thai Tan Commune at a time when the villagers in Binh Giang, An Dat, Tan Thang and Mac Cau Villages started harvesting the main crop of carrots. We witnessed a busy working atmosphere of dozens of employees on the carrot farm owned by the family of Hoang Viet Huynh in Binh Giang Village.   Sharing with us the joy of having a bumper crop and carrots sold for a high price, Huynh said: “This year traders buy one kilo of carrot for 10,000 dong and in each 360m2 plot we harvest about two tonnes of carrots, earning a profit of over ten million dong after expenses.

People in Thai Tan (Nam Sach, Hai Duong) have invested in modern watering systems
in fields to increase carrot productivity. Photo: Van Quyen/VNP

Thai Tan residents harvest carrots. Photo: Van Quyen/VNP

During harvest time in November, some households have to hire more labourers to
harvest their carrots. Photo: Van Quyen/VNP

After harvesting, farmers remove leaves from carrots before packaging. Photo: Van Quyen/VNP

A villager in Tan Thang harvests carrots at her field. Photo: Van Quyen/VNP

The carrot growing field of hundreds of hectares during harvest time. Photo: Van Quyen/VNP

Sacks of carrots to be sold at the field. Photo: Van Quyen/VNP

Traders buy carrots at the fields. Photo: Van Quyen/VNP

Many Thai Tan residents have invested in machines to preliminarily process carrots
in order to increase the quality and price. Photo: Van Quyen/VNP

Carrots at Vu Van Toa’s household are cleaned and packaged before being sold. 
Photo: Van Quyen/VNP

The joy of Dinh Tho Lam when having a bumper crop of carrots. Photo: Van Quyen/VNP

At the same time, the villagers in Tan Thang Village, Thai Tan Commune were also very busy harvesting carrots.  We visited the family of Vuong Thi Oanh who was selling many tonnes of carrots to traders who ordered the product ahead of time. Oanh said her family had to hire more employees to harvest carrots. It is very easy to grow this lucrative plant and one crop often takes more than three months from planting to harvesting so each year the villagers often have two crops.

Thanks to mastering the technique of carrot cultivation, her carrots reached a high yield so her family invested in extending the area for growing carrots. After expenses, her family expects to earn a profit of hundreds of million dong.

To improve the quality of carrots, many households in Thai Tan have invested in modern machines and equipment for processing and packing carrots before selling them to provinces and cities nationwide. One of them is Vu Van Toa in Tan Thang Village who has been involved in carrot cultivation for over ten years. Thang has always wanted to improve the quality and increase the price of carrots after harvest so he invested in two processing machines, providing jobs for about 10 labourers. Toa shared: “On average, this workshop cleans and packs about 30 tonnes of carrots each day which are mainly sold to Hanoi, Hai Phong and Quang Ninh.”

It is expected that in the future Thai Tan Commune will become an area specialising in growing carrots, an agricultural plant of high economic value.

Story: Quynh Anh - Photos: Van Quyen