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Carpentry in Huu Bang Village

In recent years, the carpentry village in Huu Bang Commune, Thach That District, about 40km from the centre of Hanoi, has become a prestigious address of customers to select wooden household items. The craft helps increase the locals’ income and contribute to developing the district’s economy.
We arrived in Huu Bang Village at the end of the year so we felt a bustling atmosphere of trading activities with a convoy of trucks transporting wooden products running in and out. On a villager’s recommendation, we visited the production workshop of Hoang Phat Co.,Ltd built on an area of 5ha where there are 150 workers absorbed in their work.

According to Phan Duc Vuong, Head of Hoang Phat Company’s design department, the materials are imported mainly from foreign countries, such as Lim (Erythrophleumlasianthum) and Huong (Pterocarpus) from South Africa, Oak from Russia and Germany and sawn wood from Indonesia and Malaysia. Thanks to the skillful hands of the village’s carpenters, the products are very beautiful and diverse in styles and sizes, meeting the increasing demand of customers.

A workshop specialises in producing bookshelves of the Hoang Phat Company. 

Assembling and smoothing products. 

Painting wooden products.

Huu Bang Village specialises in producing wooden household items. 

Smart  bookshelves for export made by Hoang Phat Co.,Ltd. 

The carving  workshop of the family of  Nguyen Ngoc Thai in Huu Bang Village.

Patterns carved by machine. 

Modern machines are used by Huu Bang villagers for carving patterns that help reduce production expenses. 

A workshop of selling furniture in Huu Bang Village.

Furniture made by Huu Bang villagers. 

Carpentry has now become the main trade helping the villagers develop a household economy. Each carpenter earns about 5-7 million dong/month, depending on specific work.

Chairman of the People’s Committee of Huu Bang Commune Phan Lac Truong said that many companies, which specialise in producing wooden household articles, have been established in the commune. There are now about 30 companies and 700-800 households engaging in the trade, each earning about 500-600 million dong/year.

With diversified types and models, Huu Bang wooden household commodities have conquered the market in many provinces and cities nationwide. They are also exported to Southeast Asian countries, such as Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia.

Story: Ngan Ha - Photos: Tat Son