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Ca Mau looks to develop shrimp sector

The goal increases to 3 billion USD by in 2030. 

According to the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, to achieve the goals shrimp output must be expanded, with total output predicted at 280,000 tonnes in 2020 and more than 400,000 tonnes ten years later. 

Ca Mau is diversifying production and distribution methods, establishing more cooperatives and building supply chains linking traders and farmers. 

Classification and quality assessment of aquatic farms and facilities producing aquatic breeds and animal feed have also been intensified, with locals updated on farming regulations and standards and violators strictly punished. 

Ca Mau plans to develop its export markets via market surveys, product diversification, and trade promotion. 

Ca Mau is the largest shrimp producer in Vietnam with output of more than 145,000 tonnes in 2016, 23 percent of the country’s total shrimp output and 32 percent of the Mekong Delta’s. 

The province has 34 processing plants with total capacity of 150,000 tonnes per year. 

Ca Mau’s shrimp exports were estimated at more than 167 million USD in the first quarter of this year.