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Binh Xuyen Industrial Zone

Binh Xuyen Industrial Zone is considered “the spine” of the cause of industrialization and modernization in Vinh Phuc Province. The industrial zone is a lucrative destination for foreign investors who account for 60% of the investors in the province.
Seeing the industrial zone from Highway No.2, we were first impressed by the large-scale and modern facility of the Steel Refining Factory under the Vietnam-Germany Steel Pipe Joint-Stock Company. It was one of the first enterprises doing business in the industrial zone since its beginning. The company has so far affirmed its position in the market thanks to its investment in the production line of steel pipes and cold rolled corrugated iron using the advanced technology of Germany with a capacity of 350,000 tonnes/year. Furthermore, it operates under an environmental management system meeting the ISO 9001-2008. Le Minh Hai, Deputy General Director of the factory, said: “When we invested in Binh Xuyen Industrial Zone, the company received much support from the industrial zone’s management board. Up to now, the company has exported over 30% of its products to many large foreign markets, including the US, Canada and the EU.” 

Binh Xuyen Industrial Zone is in a favourable geographical location on Highway No. 2 that connects with the economic triangle of Hanoi-Noi Bai-Vinh Phuc. Photo: Hoang Quang Ha

Vietnam-Germany Steel Pipe Joint-Stock Company in Binh Xuyen Industrial Zone. Photo: Hoang Quang Ha

The modern weaving line of KMV Company in Binh Xuyen Industrial Zone. Photo: Hoang Quang Ha

Employees of KMV Company. Photo: File

Many businesses in Binh Xuyen Industrial Zone invest in modern facilities. Photo: Hoang Quang Ha

The industrial zone draws lots of skilled workers. Photo: Hoang Quang Ha

The motorbike assembling line of Piaggio Vietnam. Photo: Hoang Quang Ha

Besides the Vietnam-Germany Steel Pipe Joint-Stock Company, there are other enterprises effectively operating in the industrial zone. These include the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) Manufacturing Factory of the Kohsei Multipack Vietnam Co. Ltd (KMV), a Japanese enterprise which has been investing in Binh Xuyen since 2008. KMV invested about 5.5 million USD to build its factory, covering an area of 50,000m2 with a synchronous and modern production line system. By September 2011, KMV provided jobs for more than 800 labourers in the province. Park Sang Bum, Deputy Manager of KMV said: “KMV considers Binh Xuyen the place which has all the favourable conditions for its development. The reason for this is that the industrial zone is located in a favourable geographical position and has a clear and open investment environment and an abundant source of labour. Therefore, each year KMV exports about 200,000 container bags to Japan and South Korea and it is expected to increase to 300,000 bags/year.  
Binh Xuyen Industrial Zone is located in the south of Vinh Phuc Province, 35km from Hanoi and 12km from Noi Bai International Airport. It has a total natural area of 19,536ha and a total planned area of nearly 1,000ha. At present, over 60% of its land is occupied by 43 investment projects.

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Like KMV, Piaggio Vietnam Co., Ltd., under Piaggio & C.S.p.a (Italy) also selected Binh Xuyen Industrial Zone to build its production facilities. The company produces four famous motorbike brand names, such as Beverly, Liberty, Fly and Zip. Recently, Piaggio Vietnam produced its 100,000th scooter. On this occasion, Costantino Sambuy, General Director of Piaggio Vietnam presented this Piaggio Liberty to the Humanitarian Fund of the Red Cross in Vinh Phuc and said: “This land brings about the growth to Piaggio Vietnam. This motorbike is an important mark during the process of development of the company in Vietnam. After two years, with great changes, Piaggio Vietnam has achieved great progress. The type of scooter of the company has become more popular in all markets in Asia and the company now controls over 80% of the market segmentation of luxurious scooters in Vietnam.” He also added: “In 2009, Piaggio sold over 20,000 motorbikes and in 2010 that number reached over 35,000. The number of employees in Piaggio Vietnam was 400 in 2009, 750 in 2011 and is expected to increase to 1,000 in 2012.” At present Piaggio Vietnam is building a new factory in Vinh Phuc Province in an area of 20,000m2, increasing the production capacity from 100,000 motorbikes/year to 300,000 motorbikes/year by mid 2012.
At present, the number of foreign-invested enterprises in Binh Xuyen Industrial Zone accounts for 60% and most of them come from Japan, South Korea and China.
Speaking about the potential of the industrial zone, Pham Van Vong, Party Secretary of Vinh Phuc Provincial Party Committee confirmed: “Binh Xuyen is shining with a new vitality, turning into a strong industrial belt that was once an agricultural district.”
Story: Bich Van - Photos: Hoang Quang Ha - File