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Argentina duo to perform tango by Hoan Kiem Lake

The dance is being performed by famous Argentinean dance duo – Julieta Biscione and Roberto Castillo – along with Hanoian artists. 

The performance is among the activities being held to celebrate the 207th anniversary of the May Revolutionary and the National Day of Argentina (May 25, 1810 — May 25, 2017). 

Julieta Biscione and Roberto Castillo began dancing together in 2005. Over the 12 years, they have created their unique tango style, developing their tango stage and salon techniques with the guidance of some of the top teachers and choreographers of Tango Argentino. 

The pair were members of the EV Tango Company and Leonardo Cuello Company. They have been part of the cast of the most important tango shows in Buenos Aires. 

In the last nine years, they have worked towards developing the tango in Southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand; conducted workshops and performances; and participated in the most important events and festivals in the region.