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25th ASEAN Transport Ministers’ Meeting to be held in Hanoi

The 25th ASEAN Transport Ministers’ Meeting (ATM 25) and the ATM with dialogue partners will take place in Hanoi from November 14-15, according the Transport Ministry.

Before that, the 48th ASEAN Senior Transport Officials’ Meeting (STOM 48) and the STOM with dialogue partners will be organised from November 11 – 13

About 200 domestic and foreign delegates will attend STOM 48 and 250 others, the ATM 25.

Within the framework of ASEAN cooperation, the meetings are held on a rotational basis in regional member states.

The ATM 25 and ATM with dialogue partners aim to build an inter-connected, effective, safe and sustainable transportation system in the bloc, thus forming an ASEAN economic area of stability, prosperity and high competitiveness next year.

Their major agenda include the signing of the government-level multilateral agreements, adoption of action plans for coming years, discussions on measures to deal with difficulties and boost transport collaboration with dialogue partners, including China, Japan and the Republic of Korea.

The outcomes of the meetings will be collected by the ASEAN Secretariat and reported to government officials at ASEAN summits.

Meanwhile, the STOM 48 and STOM with dialogue partners will look to coordinate activities of working groups, address technical difficulties, ensure the progress and quality of carrying out directions at transport ministers’ meetings.

During the STOMs, working groups in air, maritime, land transport and transport facilitation will report on the implementation of projects and plans, and negotiate the building of cooperation agreements between ASEAN and partners to submit to ministers.

The ATM 25 will listen to reports on the implementation of projects within the framework of the Kuala Lumpur Transport Strategic Plan for 2016 – 2025 in the areas of air, maritime, land transport, and transport facilitation.

The meeting will also debate ways to bolster transport coordination with partners such as the European Union and the US – ASEAN Business Council, especially in aviation./