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25 wild animals released into Bu Gia Map National Park

The animal rescue, conservation and development centre at the Bu Gia Map National Park in the southern province of Binh Phuoc has released into the wild 25 animals so far this year.

According to the park’s management board, those animals, which were domesticated during captivity, have received medical and nutritional care, disease treatment and trained to restore their wild instincts before their release.

Since its establishment in 2016, the centre has received 104 wild animals from forest rangers and locals in and outside the province.
85 individuals out of the total have been released into the wild, including rare animals that need prioritised protection such as the coolie, black-shanked douc langur, fishing cat, and white pheasant. The others are being cared for at the centre.

The park’s forest protection department has also stopped many cases of poaching and trafficking of wild animals.

Covering an area of over 25,598 ha, the Bu Gia Map National Park is home to 105 mammal species, 246 bird species, and over 70 reptile species, including rare and endangered animals./.