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12th National Party Congress: Nominations follow regulations

Hanoi, January 25 (VNA) – Delegates attending the ongoing 12th National Party Congress proposed additional nominees for the 12th Party Central Committee who do not appear on the list prepared by the 11th Party Central Committee during their delegations’ meetings on January 24.

The preparations of the nominees for the 12th Central Committee were made clear by Le Quang Vinh, deputy head of the Office of the Party Central Committee, when talking with the press on the sidelines of the Party Congress.

Firstly, there will be candidates nominated by the 11th Central Committee, as prescribed by the Party’s Statutes. The 11th Party Central Committee’s list must ensure the number of nominees has a surplus of between 10-15 percent, as agreed upon in election regulations adopted earlier at the Congress.

Secondly, some nominees will be named by delegates attending the 12th National Party Congress and others will nominate themselves.

For those 11th Party Central Committee members who are not re-nominated by the 11th Party Central Committee, but are introduced by participating delegates, a secret ballot will be held by the Congress so they will know whether they will stay on the nomination list or not.

Non-11th Party Central Committee members are allowed to be nominated or can nominate themselves for the 12th Party Central Committee, as regulated, Vinh confirmed.

The surplus nominees on the official list are not allowed to exceed 30 percent, according to the election regulations.

According to Vu Ngoc Hoang, Deputy Head of the Standing Committee of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Popularisation and Education, delegates, at plenary meetings or group discussions, showed a consensus on the proposed personnel plan and the nominee list submitted by the 11th Party Central Committee.

On those 11th Party Central Committee members who are re-nominated for the 12th Party Central Committee, Hoang said the Party Central Committee discussed these cases thoroughly in a democratic manner and concluded that those members should not yet be replaced, due to their unique experience.