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War veteran photographer captures world with one hand

Snapping a beautiful photo requires the photographer capture the moment with sharp eyes and quick hands. Photographer Bui Dang Thanh, however, has only a left hand but can perfectly capture wonderful moments of people, especially wounded soldiers.

Few would know that these photos were taken by a war invalid. Photographer Bui Dang Thanh is a veteran of the American War, and despite losing his right hand has had a burning passion for photography for 40 years.

Bui Dang Thanh has won many awards in his 30 years in photography, including 33 international and national prizes for 20 of his works, and has exhibited thousands of his photos in national and international galleries.

Thanh always bears in mind Uncle Ho’s teaching - “disabled is not useless” - to overcome all of life’s difficulties. It has motivated him to work tirelessly and to pass down his passion to the next generation.