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Vietnamese youths urged to preserve national cultural values

Vietnamese youths urged to preserve national cultural values First Secretary of the Central Committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCYU) Bui Quang Huy has suggested building on the role of Vietnamese youth in preserving and upholding national cultural values in the current period.

Speaking at the Culture Workshop 2022 held in the northern province of Bac Ninh on December 17, Huy said in the near future, the HCYU chapters at all levels will raise young people’s awareness of patriotism, national pride, tradition and history, their sense of responsibility for the society, respect to laws and national cultural identity.

They will strive to build healthy living and learning environment to create a driving force for youths to contribute to sustainable national development, he said, adding that they will also facilitate the connectivity between businesses and HCYU members and youths in the development of cultural industry.

He committed to holding training courses to improve young people’s skills of using social media and information technology, thus fighting distorted and wrongful allegations, fake and toxic news on digital platforms in combination with monitoring and dealing with culturally deviant behaviours among HCYU members and youths.

Huy suggested the Party, State and competent agencies build policies, laws and mechanisms to issue cultural institutions that suit socialist-oriented market economy and global integration, especially on cyber environment.

Breakthrough policies to nurture and honour talents, especially young ones, also need to be built, he said, adding that start-ups and innovation in culture as well as legal framework for digital transformation and digital capacity improvement for people and youths in particular are also essential.

The Party and State should come up with more drastic policies to develop cultural industries and entrepreneurship, in particular young entrepreneurs interested in traditional culture for youths, he said./.