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Vietnam makes deeper engagement in ITU body

Vietnam makes deeper engagement in ITU body


Vietnam has played an increasingly positive role in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and made deeper engagement in the union's activities, according to Doan Quang Hoan, who has just finished his mission at the union's Radio Regulations Board (RRB),

Hoan, former Director of the Authority of Radio Frequency Directorate under the Ministry of Information and Communications, served at the RRB, an important body of the UTU, for two consecutive tenures from 2015-2022.

He is also the first representative of Vietnam at the RRB which has 12 members from five different parts of the world.

Hoan said during his working tenures, he was actively involved in the RRB meetings and discussions. This means from the position of a country with only proposing ideas, Vietnam has contributed to the decision-making process of this body, he said.

He said that he jointly proposed and had an important voice in promulgating a rule of procedure that will allow Vietnam to protect two geostationary satellite orbit positions that the is using with only one satellite, while successfully supporting many proposals of developing countries in Southeast Asia such as Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, as well as African countries.

Vietnam has joined major ITU conferences such as the Plenipotentiary Conference, World Telecommunications Development Conference, and World Radiocommunication Conference, and made constructive voices at the events, he said.

Particularly in the field of radio communication, Vietnam has contributed many experts in the position of vice-chairmen of ITU's research groups on frequency management, terrestrial mobile communications, and satellite communications. It is also actively participating in the development of international rules of the game in the field of telecommunications, not just waiting for the implementation of the rules drafted by other countries, Hoan said.

He also shared experience, especially for Vietnamese youngsters, in working in Geneva, where the headquarters of the UN and more than 30 international organisations are located, as well as skills they must have to seek a job as an expert in Geneva.

He advised State management agencies to make plans to train young officials for the UN, and expressed his hope that more Vietnamese will be elected and recruited to major international organisations./.