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UNGA adopts resolution condemning US embargo against Cuba

The 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted the 30th resolution condemning the US’s economic embargo against Cuba on November 3.

The resolution received 185 votes in favour among 193 UN member states.

In his remarks prior to the vote, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said since 2019, the US administration has escalated the siege around Cuba with the purpose of deliberately inflicting the biggest possible damage on Cuban families.

During the first 14 months of the Biden administration, the damage to the Cuban economy was estimated at 6.35 billion USD, equivalent to more than 15 million USD a day, he said.

Rodriguez noted the Biden administration is continuing Trump’s “maximum pressure” policy. He said that despite some positive but limited adjustments in recent months on US flights to Cuba, remittances and consular proceedings, these in no way “modify American economic, commercial and financial measures.”

This is the 30th time the UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution submitted by Cuba annually to appeal for the embargo to be lifted, and all the resolutions received overwhelming support. However, UNGA resolutions just carry political weight and are non-binding./.