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Tra Boi Stream – hidden charm of Quang Ngai province

The sound of water flowing down, the singing of the wild birds – the symphony of nature resounds in the picturesque scenery of Tra Boi Waterfall.

A new destination to backpackers, the untouched beauty of the waterfall, which is located in Tra Giang commune, Tra Bong district in Quang Ngai province, can charm any visitor. That few people know about the waterfall might be due to its isolation.

From Quang Ngai city, tourists follow 622 provincial road for more than 30km to reach the T-junction of Tra Phu commune. Turning right and driving for another 4km, they will reach Tra Boi Waterfall. If they wish to explore the source of the waterfall, they can drive for another kilometre. The waterfall is formed from two torrents flowing down from the high mountains mixing together, creating white, sparkling foam.

The reason Tra Boi Waterfall and stream is always green is because its water comes directly from the source, surrounded by evergreen trees. The bed of the stream is formed with rocks of various sizes. Interestingly, some natural pools with transparent water are formed around some big rocks, allowing kids to swim safely. This is why locals in Tra Bong district bring their children there to learn how to swim.

Not only locals, tourists also frequently come during weekends to enjoy the fresh atmosphere of nature and immerse themselves in the transparent cool water of the waterfall.

“I have become too familiar with swimming in the sea. Swimming in the stream brings me a different exciting experience. The water of Tra Boi is not only transparent but also cool. If I lived nearby, I would go there every day to relax,” said Nguyen Van Duc, a tourist from Quang Ngai city.
After enjoying a swim in the cool water, visitors can try some grilled food that they bring along and prepare by the stream, together with cold beer. To those from far away, they can drop by roadside restaurants serving forest products like boar, snails, fish and shrimp that are freshly caught from Tra Boi Stream.

Realising the tourism potential of the area, Ho Van Hien’s family from Tra Son commune have set up a small stall next to the stream selling soft drinks and local specialities.

“Many tourists arrive here to go camping in summer. The peak periods are weekends and holidays when there are so many tourists that there is barely no space to sit. Many families even have to use rocks as tables to place their stuff, but all of them still feel happy and relaxed,” he said.