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Supermoon of 2022 to appear above Vietnam

Astronomy lovers in Vietnam are in an extremely favourable position to observe the “super buck moon”, which will turn full at 1:38 am on July 14 (Vietnam time).

This particular moon will look more beautiful than in countries in other continents if it is observed in Vietnam.

July's full moon will once again be a supermoon, reaching its perigee or closest point to our planet on July 13, according to the website

The moon will officially reach its peak at 9 am (GMT) or 4pm (Vietnam time) on July 13. Nine hours and 38 minutes later, the moon will officially turn full.

At its closest point to the Earth, the biggest and brightest full moon of the year will be only 357,264 km from the Earth, so the moon will be spectacularly large.

The most valuable moment for observing this is at sunset. The optical conditions will create the "moon illusion" phenomenon that makes the moon even bigger than it actually is.

Supermoon is not an orthodox astronomical term, but rather a kind of nickname given by scientists to the appearance of unusually large moons. A supermoon occurs when the full moon coincides with the moon's closest approach to Earth in its orbit./.