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Son Tay ancient fortress pedestrian zone lures 250,000 visitors

The Son Tay ancient fortress pedestrian zone in the suburbs of Hanoi attracted over 250,000 visitors after four months of pilot operation, according to the zone’s management board.

The pilot aims to tap on potential and uphold cultural heritage in the area. The pedestrian zone has helped expand trade, services and tourism activities, contributing to socio-economic development, especially tourism, and preserving cultural heritage values of the locality.

The pedestrian street lures over 10,000 visitors, even 25,000 - 30,000 every Saturday, thanks to the attraction by special art and cultural programmes. 

Vice Chairman of Son Tay town People’s Committee Le Dai Thang said after the pedestrian zone was put into operation, attention has been paid to embellishing cultural works and upgrading infrastructure, and creating new tourism products. 

He added that the connection of the expanded walking space with the Son Tay ancient fortress and surrounding streets has helped connect community cultural spaces and business streets, contributing to promoting business and meeting the demand for cultural exchange, entertainment, and shopping of visitors.

The number of tourists spending weekend time in tourist attractions and resorts around the town and hotels in the area surged by 20-30%.

According to Thang, over 200 cultural, art and sports programmes are organised regularly with the active participation of the town’s Culture, Information and Sports Centre, and art clubs and groups.

Son Tay is one of the five satellite towns of Hanoi with the main functions of cultural, historical, ecological tourism, and commercial services on the basis of preserving traditional cultural heritage./.