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Party Central Committee's 10th plenum enters second working day

The Party Central Committee members discussed in groups important reports on the morning of May 17, the second day of the committee's 10th plenary meeting.
They debated the Report reviewing the implementation of Directive 36-CT/TW of the 11th Political Bureau on Party congresses at all levels towards the 12th National Party Congress  and a draft Directive of the 12th Political Bureau on Party congresses at all levels towards the 13th National Party Congress.

In the afternoon, the Party Central Committee members took a break while the Political Bureau met.

The Politburo members gave comments on reports to acquire and explain opinions from the Party Central Committee discussions on the draft Political Report, the draft report on 10 years of implementing Platform 2011 and the draft report on summarizing the implementation of the 10-year socio-economic development strategy 2011-2020.

They also looked into the compilation of the 2021-2030 socio-economic development strategy, the report on the 2016-2020 socio-economic performance and the 2021-2025 socio-economic development plan, as well as a draft report on summing up the Party building and Party Stature execution work.