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Long-term support programme for AO victims needed: official

Long-term support programme for AO victims needed: official


Sen Lieut. Gen. Nguyen Van Rinh, president of the Vietnam Association of Agent Orange/dioxin Victims (VAVA) has suggested the US form a long-term support programme inclusively for Agency Orange (AO) victims in Vietnam to enhance the effectiveness of US’s assistance relating to the settlement of war consequences.

He made the suggestion at a reception for Tim Rieser, senior foreign policy advisor to US Senator Patrick Leahy, in Hanoi on October 30.

US support should be extended to many provinces and cities of Vietnam, with priority given to direct aid to victims’ families, Rinh said.

He spoke highly of Rieser’s contribution to promoting cooperation programmes in overcoming war consequences between the two countries, which he described as a bright spot in Vietnam-US relations.

The official also expressed his wish that Rieser would continue to direct the US Government and Congress's attention to collaboration programmes on the settlement of war consequences in Vietnam and for AO victims.

On the occasion, Rinh presented the “For Agent Orange/Dioxin victims” insignia to Rieser in recognition of his contributions to supporting AO victims./.