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Lantern Festival to light up ancient city

The 2022 Hoi An Lantern Festival, a special cultural and art event, will open on December 25 at the Hoi An Memories Island in the central province of Quang Nam, just in time to celebrate Christmas and welcome in the New Year.

The event is part of a series of cultural performances and art celebrations that will be held between December 24 and February 15, marking the start of post-COVID-19 tourism events for 2022.

Visiting the ancient town, tourists will be feel immersed in a shimmering and romantic old town space decorated with colourful lanterns, featuring cultural and artistic activities during the festival, which runs until February 15, 2022.

The event starts with an art troupe from Hoi An Memories marching down the streets, carrying lanterns from the Cau Pagoda before returning to Hội An Memories Island by boat on the Hoai River.

The moment when lanterns, symbols of the city's culture, arrive at the Hoi An Memories Island in the middle of Hoai River will showcase a strong and vibrant Hoi An City that is ready to welcome visitors in the new year of 2022, according to organisers.

Than Thi Thu Huyen, CEO and representative of Hoi An Memories Island, said the ancient town is trying to organise many new, special and attractive activities to lure tourists back.

She said it is necessary to have a cultural tourism product of high quality, on a large scale and with a good sense of entertainment.

The reopening of Hoi An Memories aims to be a highlight of Hoi An tourism.

More than 20 mini-shows, along with Christmas miniatures with unique shimmering lanterns, will also be introduced to the public by Hoi An Memories. Ten will be new shows seen for the first time.

The mini-shows are immersed in mysterious prayers, enchanting dances and Geisha performances.

Through these cultural features, visitors will also have a chance to understand more about the cultural beauty and beliefs of the people in the province./.