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Da Nang beaches - attractive destination for tourists

Da Nang’s beaches are packed with tourists and local people on the weekends, which is a positive sign for the city’s tourism sector given the havoc COVID-19 has wrought. In addition to promotional programmes, safety measures have also been put in place to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

My Khe Beach is touted as one of the most beautiful in the world and many tourists choose it for a holiday getaway. Le Ngoc Thanh and his family have had a great time at the popular tourist hotspot.

Thousands of people head to Da Nang’s beaches on the weekend to enjoy the beautiful scenery and take part in a range of outdoor activities. With different promotional programmes on offer, the coastal city has been livelier than ever.

With increases in tourist numbers, the local government has put in place safety measures to protect them from COVID-19.

Thanks to the control of COVID-19, tourist numbers to Da Nang have risen significantly, which is great news for the coastal city as the peak tourism season of the year approaches./.