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Art exhibition by children with autism opens in Hanoi

An art exhibition displaying works by children with autism has been opened in the capital city of Hanoi.

The exhibition entitled “Tinh Yeu Cua Me" (A Mother’s Love) features five children, namely Binh Minh, Dinh Chi, Gia Bao, Hoang Minh and Trung Hieu who bring a world of colours, inspiration and creativity to life through their creations.

Diagnosed with autism from the age of two, Binh Minh finds a peaceful connection to the world through his endless passion for animals.

His mother always encourages him to overcome the emotional disturbances by expressing his thoughts and feelings through painting. He can passionately draw and makes statues for hours.

He uses simple materials such as old paper, newspapers and glue to produce pieces.

Paintings by Chi and Bao impress the exhibition visitors with strange drawings which make the visitors curious about their inner world.

Both of them are naturally talented in drawing which is their way to tell stories and share their feelings.

“I believe that everyone born in the world has a mission of their own not to be a burden to others,” said Lan Phương, Chi’s mother. “I hope the parents of children with autism will always be optimistic so that they can find the door to their children's world.”

Paintings by Hoang Minh and Hieu surprised the visitors because of their mature ideas and composition.

“At first, I think that paintings by the autism children must be very simple and even doodles,” said Nguyen Tien Vu, a visitor at the exhibition opening ceremony.

“However, I was totally surprised to see the paintings. Seeing Minh’s depicting the Empire State Building or Hieu's flowers, will have many people thinking it is the work of professional artists. I think that it is necessary to introduce these talents to the community.”

A Mother’s Love is held to raise the community awareness about autism to honour the autism talent children and support their families to connect them to the society and to help them staring by their own way.

The exhibition runs until October 20 at the Hive Lounge, the 62nd floor, InterContinental Hanoi Landmark 72 Hotel.