US resistance war: A war for national independence and freedom

The Vietnamese people’s resistance war against America has always been recognized in national history and the world as a great war for peace, national independence and freedom. This objective truth should be respected even though the war happened 44 years ago.
“Time will pass by, but our people’s victory in the cause of resistance against America and national defense will be recorded forever as one of the most glorious pages in our national history. It is a brilliant symbol of the triumph of revolutionary heroism and a great international event in the 20th century which had deep contemporary values,” said the political report at the 4th Party Congress, the first congress after the country was reunified.

Ho Chi Minh City has had 44 years of development after the country’s reunification. Photo: VNP

The city has made comprehensive investment in its infrastructure. Photo: VNP

HCM City is among the world’s 10 most dynamic cities in 2019 according to the City Momentum Index (CMI) released by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). Photo: VNP

The cty is an attractive destination for domestic and foreign investors. Photo: VNP

Modern urban centers by the side of Saigon river . Photo: VNP

Classic French architecture are major tourist attractions in HCM City. Photo: VNP

HCM City is a big economic hub with an income per capita of 6,000 US dollars/year. It contributes 22% of the GDP and 27% of tax revenues. Photo: VNP

Saigon New Port Corporation handled 7.5 million TEUs (twenty-foot-equivalent unit) in 2018, up 9.3% from 2017. Photo: VNP

HCM City is restructuring its economy toward a knowledge-based economy. Photo: VNP

“The Vietnamese people’s resistance war against America was a just resistance war that promoted the solidarity and strength of the whole nation, and was supported by friends and people around the world," Foreign Ministry spokesperson Le Thi Thu Hang said in a statement on the documentary film “The Vietnam War”.

In his memoir “The General Headquarters In The Spring Of Brilliant Victory”, General Vo Nguyen Giap summed it up by saying “The entire nation fought against France and America, regardless of the front or the rear. The Vietnam front was one. The whole nation unified in an undivided bloc of compatriots who came from the same origin of Hong Lac.”

Even former US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, who was regarded as the “architect” of the Vietnam war, drew "11 lessons", the first and most basic was, "We misjudged then -- as we have since -- the geopolitical intentions of our adversaries . . . and we exaggerated the dangers to the United States of their actions.”

There were also voices from the other side of the front line who recognized the great victory of the whole nation. General Nguyen Huu Co, former Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister of the Republic of Vietnam said in an interview with the Ho Chi Minh City Law newspaper that “The April 30 victory was great. It was a victory of the strength of the entire people of Vietnam. No war and no bombing in our homeland were the best things the ending of the war brought about.”

Commenting on the call for "homeland restoration" and consideration of April 30 as “national hatred day", former Prime Minster of the Republic of Vietnam Nguyen Cao Ky said “Unifying the country is the historical mission of every Vietnamese . W we could not do that, but  our brothers in the other side could do it. It was our history and our country was reunified. Why do we have to restore our homeland when Vietnam is not lost to foreigners?”

Ao Dai Festival 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: VNP

Ho Chi Minh City is growing with the dynamism and creativity of every citizen and the whole community. Photo: VNP

The 6th Ao Dai Festival in Ho Chi Minh City carries an environmental message for a green city. Photo: VNA

Ho Chi Minh City is reporting steady growth in vocational education. Photo: VNP

 In 2018, healthcare establishments in the city provided medical check-ups for 45.5 million patients (up 5.8%) and gave treatment to 2.5 million inpatients (up 4%) from 2017. Photo: VNP 

Contemporary Americans have also respected history to draw lessons for the future. In her speech “Aftermath: War, Memory and History,” which was delivered at Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities in March 2017, Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust said “History illuminates the blindness and cruelties that enable war. It equips us to imagine and to strive for peace.”
Lies and distortion of history to incite hatred and conflicts are not only immoral acts showing ingratitude toward our predecessors and those having sacrificed their lives for peace, independence and unification of the country, but also destroy the future of the nation. Those acts and thoughts should be eliminated in order to gain peace and do away with war permanently.
Story: Nhat Minh (People's Army Newspaper) 
Photos: VNP & VNA 

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