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President Highlights Russia’s Victory over Fascism

President Truong Tan Sang has emphasised great important contributions of the troops and people of the Soviet Union to the victory over the fascist axis 70 years ago, saying it created extremely favourable conditions for the struggle of Vietnamese people.

State President Truong Tan Sang. Photo:VNA
"Under the profound leadership of the late President Ho Chi Minh, the strong national solidarity, and inspiration from the victory of progressive forces in the world, the Vietnamese people successfully made it to their own August Revolution in 1945," he said in an interview with Russian television before visiting Russia to attend the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

He said the revolution gave birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam on September 2, 1945. And five years later, the Soviet Union officially recognised and set up diplomatic ties with Vietnam.

"The move marked an important milestone in the relationship between Vietnam and the Soviet Union (now Russia), setting foundations for strong friendship and cooperation," the President said.

"The late President Ho Chi Minh said that the Soviet Union – Vietnam friendship was an essential factor ensuring the Vietnamese victory in the fight for national liberation and defence.

"In addition to the Soviet Union's assistance to help Vietnam win the 1975 victory, nearly 300 industrial projects were also constructed. That was the most lively evidence of the Soviet Union's support for Vietnam during the war time," he said.

Borrowing a Russian proverb that says "friendship and brotherhood are more precious than any other assets," the President said he was strongly convinced that the Vietnam – Russia partnership would never stop growing, satisfying the interests and expectations of both countries for peace, stability, cooperation and development in the region and in the world.

"History needs to be respected and honestly disseminated to future generations. The silent sacrifice of simple persons in the fight for national defence and against fascism must be honoured," President Sang said.

"Seventy years have gone by, but historic lessons from the fight against fascism still maintains their values. They require unity and cooperation to protect peace, and prevent risks of war and conflict; to respect legitimate interests of nations on the basis of international law through bilateral and multilateral mechanisms; as well as to intensify the understanding, solidarity and friendship among peoples in the world.

"We should be vigilant over attempts to rewrite the history as well as attempts to restore fascism," the President said.