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Ancient structures of Champa’s capital found in Binh Dinh

inh Dinh, December 18 (VNA) –Three layers of architectural structures have been found at the Thanh Cha excavation site in central Binh Dinh province – home to vestiges of Vijaya, the political and cultural hub of Champa Kingdom.

The bottom layer was a square-structured shrine covering 64.78 square metres, which was assumed to date back between the 4 th and 10 th centuries when Vijaya was still a county of Champa Kingdom.

The second layer extended a larger area of 289.59square metres, where archaeologists found a drain, four sections of brick walls and three separate brick floors.

The third layer on top was a system of holes containing brick pieces resembling the Vietnamese ancient method to strengthen the foundation.

The last two structures were estimated to be built between the 11 th and 15 th centuries when Vijaya became the capital of Champa.

The findings, announced on December 18, were results of an excavation carried out by the Center for Imperial City Research under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The excavation also found 6,691 artifacts including pieces of Ying Yang roof tiles, basins, bowls and Sa Huynh pottery.