Cat Statues Spreading Happiness

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2022, Minh Long I company has launched ceramic cat products. With a unique design and many auspicious meanings, the ceramic cat in this collection are suitable for display and gifting to loved ones with happy new year wishes, lots of fortune and luck.

Cat is one of the most familiar pets to humans. The image of the cat goes into poetry and hides the philosophy of life in many folk and mythological works of all cultures across seven continents.

In Vietnamese culture, there are seven out of twelves mascots have been domesticated, including cat. The animal helps famers protect their rice storage so it takes up a lot of special love.  The time of the cat is about five-seven am when the sunrise begins, gradually lighting up the whole world with warm rays. In the month of cat, the weather starts to warm up and the trees are budding. Cat in the five elements belongs to the element of Wood which is associated with spring, beginning of yang and brighten things.

Minh Long I's ceramic cat collection has three themes: Van Phuc (Happiness), Dai Cat (Great Luck) and Tai Loc (Fortune), with three messages and good wishes through different shapes of the cat.

With elegance and sophistication, the Tai Loc cat statues have a full body, a firm sitting posture, an innocent, happy and joyful face. The mascot’s express his joy to welcome the new year and invite fortune and luck.

Dai Cat cats have well-proportioned figure, with a firm sitting posture, perched ears, bright eyes, and a smile exuding intellectual intelligence, confidence and bravery. While Van Phuc reflects the image of a cat is artisticized with a small and beautiful body, a joyful face, perched ears, innocent eyes and smiling mouth, and an elated spirit. Van Phuc cat statues carry the message of a peaceful mind, like when we have many initiatives and make wise decisions.

According to General Director of Minh Long I company Ly Huy Sang, the company’s 2023 New Year mascot statues deliver a message of peace, luck, health, fortune and happiness.

With their high artistic values, unique features, and auspicious meanings, porcelain cat statues are meaningful gifts to relatives with New Year wishes.



By Le Minh/VNP

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