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Ho Chi Minh City Sparkles with Colours

 After nearly 40 years since liberation (April 30, 1975), Ho Chi Minh City has developed into the largest economic centre of Vietnam. Besides streets and roads being expanded and upgraded, many modern urban quarters and major works have been built, bringing a new appearance to the city.

At sunset, city dwellers often take a stroll on the streets to enjoy the landscape of the city. Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral by night resembles a mysterious castle. The new urban quarter of Phu My Hung looks luxurious under colourful lights and the 68-storey Bitexco, the highest building in the city, looks like a sparkling lotus bulb. On the Sai Gon River, splendidly decorated boats carry tourists who are interested in enjoying both delicious dishes and artistic items.

On special occasions, all the streets in the city are garnished with glittering lights, lanterns and posters, creating a jubilant festive atmosphere. Many food festivals, cultural activities and folk games are held in parks, fascinating the citizens and visitors.
There is no doubt that in the future Ho Chi Minh City will further develop to become a more prosperous and modern city.

Story: Son Nghia - Photos: Dang Kim Phuong

A corner of the installation space in the new urban quarter of Phu My Hung.
The Nguyen Tri Phuong Bridge linking District 5 and District 8 has a total length of 247.8m and a width of 15m with 26 spans and 7 lanes.
The 68 storey Bitexco, the highest building in the city, looks like a sparkling lotus bulb at night.
A food festival was held in a park September 23, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.
Panoramic view of the city by night seen from high buildings.
Many streets are decorated colourfully when spring comes.
Splendidly decorated boats on the Sai Gon River serve tourists.
Cat Lai Bridge in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, at night.
Sunset over the Phu My Bridge, the largest cable-stayed bridge in Ho Chi Minh City which crosses over the Sai Gon River, linking District 2 and District 7.
Nha Rong Wharf seen from above.
The flower street of Nguyen Hue, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City during the traditional Tet Holidays.
The new urban area of Phu My Hung is brilliant in colourful lights.
Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral looks striking among high buildings in the city.