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Havana, a New Wonder City

On December 7, 2014, Havana – the capital of Cuba and six other cities, including La Paz (Bolivia), Durban (South Africa), Beirut (Lebanon), Doha (Qatar), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Vigan (the Philippines) were voted as new seven wonders cities by the New7Wonders of Switzerland.

It not only is a great pride of the Cuban people, but also a valuable present to celebrate the 495th birthday of this beautiful city.

The city draws tourists because of its charms. It is well known for the old quarter (La Habana Vieja) located near the calm bay of Havana. Baroque architecture and colourful old cars seem to decorate the beautiful place where there are hospitable locals with friendly smiles.

Visiting the city for only one time, one will never forget the memories of La Habana, a colourful city.
Despite its ups and downs over the years, Havana which is called the City of Love and Miracles, still has its graceful and timeless charm that deserves the title of a new wonder city. 
 Story: Le Hien - Photos: Nguyen Thang
Cubans are famous for their friendliness.
Old cars decorate life in Havana.
The road leading to La Habana Vieja.
A corner of an old collective building in La Habana Vieja.
A fruit stall in Havana.
Peaceful space in the old quarter.
A lane in the old quarter in Havana.
Old colourful cars are a common sight on the streets in Havana.
Unique architectural features of the theatre in Havana’s old quarter.
Traditional ceremonies take place daily at the San Carlos de la Cabana Fortress.
A small wine pub at the old quarter where great author Ernest Hemingway often called at.
The old quarter is one of the fascinating destinations of tourists to Havana.
Fishing boats on Havana Bay.
Havana’s smile.
The church in the old quarter with Baroque architecture was built in 1763.
The peaceful scenery of the old quarter.
Sunset on Havana Bay.
The old quarter (La Habana Vieja) with its many ancient buildings was recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO in 1982.