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Da Nang - 25 years of pride

Da Nang celebrates the 25th anniversary of becoming a city directly under the Central Government on January 1, 2022. Every day over the past quarter of a century, Da Nang has continuously strived to become a dynamic, civilized, and modern city, worthy of the 'livable city' label in Vietnam.

Over the past 25 years, the Party and the people have shared the same will in developing the city through programs and projects. Referring to Da Nang, people must talk about the humanity of the ‘5 no, 3 yes’ program. The ‘5 no’ stands for no hungry households, no illiterate people, no beggars, no drugs and no murderer or robber. The ‘3 yes ’ stands for having a house, having a job, and having a cultural and civilized urban lifestyle. 

In addition, there is ‘the city of 4 safeties which are, security safety, traffic safety, food safety, and social security safety. Many policies have been proposed and put into practice through these programs to create jobs, increase income and ensure peace for people living here.

Stepping foot in Da Nang, everyone feels that the city has been favored by nature with charming scenery, with ‘mountains in the heart of the city and a town in the heart of the sea.’ In addition, Da Nang is also famous for its bridges with many different shapes and colors connecting the two banks of the beautiful and poetic Han river right in the heart of the city. That laid the foundation to form cultural, sports, commercial, and service works, which in turn has created motivation and awakened the city's economic development and marine tourism potential.

Not only is Da Nang known for its splendid beauty as a dynamic and modern new urban area, but the city is also mentioned for its gentle, simple, friendly, and hospitable people who have been working day and night to contribute to the protection, construction, and development of the beautiful city.

During this 25-year journey of establishment and development, Da Nang has faced difficulties and challenges many times due to natural disasters and devastating epidemics such as the historic flood in 1999 and typhoon Xangsane in 2006. The latest threats were the outbreaks of the COVID-19 epidemic, which severely affected the people and property and inhibited the overall development of the city. 

Because of that difficulty, we saw a united Da Nang. People agreed to support the city's guidelines and policies. With timely attention and support from the government, Da Nang has gradually overcome the difficult periods to stabilize development.

With the advantages mentioned above, together with the consensus of the people and the dynamism of the city authorities, Da Nang will continue to maintain and promote the achievements achieved after 25 years under the government and is always the number one choice of investors as well as domestic and foreign tourists.

Da Nang - a "dating" place with famous bridges across the banks of the Han river. Photo: Nguyen Trinh
Lying on the coast of the East Sea, Da Nang is the economic, cultural and tourist center of the central region. Photo: Nguyen Trinh
My Khe is one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet, according to US's Forbes magazine.
Dragon bridge is a significant symbol of Da Nang’s beliefs and aspirations. Photo: Nguyen Trinh
Thuan Phuoc, which crosses the Han river at the seaport, is the longest cable-stayed suspension bridge in Vietnam. Photo: Nguyen Trinh
The beauty of Da Nang bay with the majestic Hai Van Quan range in the south of the city. Photo: Nguyen Trinh
Han River bridge - a symbol of a developing city and the pride of Da Nang residents. Photo: Nguyen Trinh
Nga ba Hue overpass is located on the National Highway 1A at the gateway to Da Nang. Photo: Nguyen Trinh
Son Tra Peninsula, once a poor fishing village, is now considered as a tourism magnet and a hidden gem of Da Nang. Photo: Nguyen Trinh
Tran Thi Ly bridge has emerged as a must-see feature of Da Nang. Photo: Nguyen Trinh
The splendid beauty of Da Nang city at night on the banks of the beautiful Han river. Photo: Nguyen Trinh
The beauty of Da Nang at night. Photo: Nguyen Trinh
Tho Quang fishing port, the largest fishing port in the central region. Photo: Nguyen Trinh
Nguyen Van Troi Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in the central district, was built in 1965 and is associated with the history of the city. Photo: Nguyen Trinh
  • By Nguyen Trinh Translated by Hong Hanh