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Blooming Flowers on Hanoi Streets

 During the weeks ahead of Tet (Lunar New Year), many streets in Hanoi are covered with flowers, peach blossoms and Kumquat trees. Their vibrant colours seem to turn the city into a huge flower garden.

Visiting famous flower growing areas such as Nhat Tan, Phu Thuong (Tay Ho), Tay Tuu (Tu Liem) and Me Linh (Phuc Yen), one can feel the Tet ambience. The jubilant atmosphere is dominant in these suburban areas where flower growers are happily awaiting a bumper crop. Night flower markets are also boisterously thronged with traders from dawn.

It is easy to catch a street florist riding a bike loaded with flowers roaming around on Hanoi streets these days. Carrying flowers from the outskirts to the downtown, they seem to carry colours, fragrances and in general a sense of spring to Hanoi.

By Tat Son

Apricot blossoms from the south are also sold on Hanoi streets.
Peach branches are attached to a vendor’s bicycle.
Nhat Tan flower market is crowded with people from the early morning.
Hanoians often decorate their houses with fresh flowers during Tet.
Peach blossoms delivery bikes roam around Hanoi.
A corner for selling peach blossoms at Nhat Tan flower market.
Flower retailers divide flowers into small bunches to sell.
A florist’s bicycle fully loaded with flowers.
Lys flowers are transported from Da Lat to Nhat Tan flower market.
Nhat Tan flower market sells different kinds of flowers from all over the country.
Flower vendors also come to Nhat Tan flower market to select flowers for selling.
Many Hanoi residents go to Nhat Tan flower market at about 3 am to select fresh flowers.
Transporting peach blossoms on Hanoi streets.