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A Unique Village Festival’s Procession

The festival of Gia Village in Yen Son Commune, My Duc District, Hanoi is annually held on March 10 according to the lunar calendar to honour General Ly Phung Man who helped King Ly Nam De (542) defeat the invaders and built the country of Van Xuan.

For years, the festival is one of the most famous ones, including the Dam Race Festival and Thay Pagoda’s Festival,  in the Doai area, for its unique procession which has the participation of about 500 men. The procession is divided into 22 groups who wear different costumes and carry flags, drums, an altar, a palanquin and parasols.
The procession starts at Quan Gia and travels along the village’s dike to Van Chi where the rite of procession is held solemnly, then returns to Quan Gia. The procession participants reenact the battle against the invaders of General Ly Phung Man.

With distinctive cultural features, Gia Village’s festival attracts a large number of visitors.

By Viet Cuong
The festival attracts the participation of a large number of locals.
The rite in Quan Gia.
The entrance to the village’s Van Chi.
Gia Village’s festival is famous in the Doai area.
The procession consists of 500 men who are divided into 22 groups and wear different costumes.
The festival's procession.
A rite is held solembly in Quan Gia.
The procession rite is solemnly held in Quan Gia
The Sinh tien dancing team at the festival.
A team of 84 village children participate in the procession.