VinFast - exploring the global electric vehicle era

VinFast - exploring the global electric vehicle era

At the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021. Photo: VinFast

“Technology will become a strong foundation and a tool for our sustainable connection with nature. Our destination has a beautiful future for everyone”. This is the introduction of VinFast, the only electric car company in Vietnam, at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021. The introduction is the confirmation of the vision as well as aspirations of VinFast.


After the launch of the two electric cars VF e35 and VF e36 at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021, the international media published a series of articles about "the Newcomer - VinFast", with the warning that "it would be wrong to disregard the newcomer".

Many newspapers also stated that VinFast could be expected to create a "global push" on electric cars, and the Vietnamese company could become a pioneer in the electric car market.

David Waterworth - a veteran analyst for Driven which is a popular website for cars in Australia - pointed out the real differences between Vinfast compared to other major competitors in the market. The first difference is smart technology.


At the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021. Photo: VinFast

According to Driven, Vinfast is collaborating with partners around the world, such as StoreDot in Israel which has an ultra-fast charging technology and ProLogium, in researching, and producing solid batteries.

The UK's international automotive portal, AutoFutures, refers to VinFast's customer-centric concept as one of the most technologically advanced. AutoFutures takes the example of VinFast's virtual assistant with the ability to simultaneously understand multiple languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Vietnamese. This virtual assistant can not only deliver interactive conversations but also help users search for information and personalize the experience based on their interests and habits.

However, according to AutoFutures, there is much more to look forward to. VinFast's electric vehicles are equipped with an advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) featuring the most advanced technology such as lane-keeping, collision avoidance and driver monitoring. This is the result of cooperation with leading industry partners, combined with major technology institutes in Vingroup's ecosystem such as VinBigdata, VinAI and VinSmart.





With these differences, VinFast is trusted by international experts to compete equally with the biggest players in the toughest markets such as the USA.

In 2017, in Hai Phong, the largest port city in Vietnam, the global automotive technology industry witnessed a miracle. In just 21 months, Vinfast built a factory complex on a swamp, producing world-class cars and developing the first 3 models. This is considered to be an astonishingly rare pace for the world’s automobile industry.

Vinfast has the largest and most automated factory in Southeast Asia. These include a state-of-the-art shell welding factory with 1200 ABB robots, a painting factory with modern Rodip electrocoating technology and a multi-purpose auxiliary factory with 3 modern production lines.

The factories producing batteries and charging stations are the cores of Vinfast's electric vehicle production.


 At the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021. Photo: VinFast


In the vehicle inspection area, engineers ensure that each car meets the highest quality standards. Accordingly, millions of Vinfast smart electric cars will start their journey 1 2 3 No 762 - juNe 2022 | 47 from here, bringing safety, convenience, and joy to global customers.

According to Sandy Fitzpatrick, a senior analyst, introducing Vinfast’s cars in the US says that it is a good choice for the company because the United States is investing heavily in both infrastructure and policies for electric vehicles, especially its $174 billion plan to create a green revolution.

The expert pointed out the big market was what Vinfast is aiming at. New electric cars accounted for only 3% of car sales in the United States in the first half of 2021, while the share in Europe and China were 15% and 12%, respectively.


The battery factory and charging station are at the core of VinFast's electric vehicle production. Photo: VinFast


According to Michael Lohscheller, General Manager of VinFast Global, the US is the best place for VinFast to establish a strong foothold in the global market.

Above all, Vinfast electric cars are a symbol of the effort to be first in the field of high technology for many generations of Vietnamese. Vinfast electric cars deserve to be a product representing the value, wisdom, and leadership of Vietnam to the world.