Bringing Vietnamese Herbs to the World

Bringing Vietnamese Herbs to the World

A collection of 47 made-in-Vietnam natural cosmetics with the brand Nature Queen were recently rolled out in London, the UK. The products made by Sao Thai Duong company are officially put on sale at Longdan, the largest Vietnamese Cash & Carry in the UK.

Believing in a global approach to traditional medicine, the leading company in the Vietnamese Pharmaceutical-Cosmetics field, Sao Thai Duong, has applied science and technology to its medical formulas. Nature Queen herbal shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, are among the products that demonstrate the quintessence of traditional medicine combined with modern technology.


Traditional methods of hair care are researched, and used with modern technology at the WHO-GMP standard factory, to create products with an alluring scent and notable effects. Nature Queen’s products have become popular not only in Vietnam but also in markets such as the US and European countries.

To produce a set of Nature Queen shampoo and conditioner 480ml, it takes up to 20kg of medicinal herbs such as basil and lemongrass that are distilled to create essential oils. Next, four kg of betel nut, mulberries, five-color grass and watery herbs, plus one kg of locust fruit are added. Each of the above herbs is extracted according to a separate process to remove impurities.


Nature Queen Face Oil is a combination of eight herbal extracts, essential oils, and natural oils that are rich in nourishing nutrients, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. Photo: Cong Dat/VNP


More specifically, herbs are meticulously prepared according to the production process meeting GMP standards. The  ingredients as well as the preparation room are qualified using US FDA standards as safe for consumers' health.

Originating from the lush tropical fields of Vietnam, where nature has endowed the country with wonderful herbs to take care of naturally beautiful and healthy hair, the ingredients in the products of Nature Queen are all organic. This is the competitive strength that helps the product win over markets where consumers prefer products of natural origin, without harmful effects to the environment, and are good for human health.

In addition, the Face Oil line of Nature Queen, with coriander seed oil as the main ingredient, also satisfies American  consumers when sold at Macy's.


Although its only been on the market for five years, Nature Queen has achieved all US standard quality certifications. Its products are distributed and retailed at Macy’s, a large retail chain in the US as well as Imex Panpacific Group, and also on the world's largest retail website Amazon.

The fact that Nature Queen products are well received by consumers around the world is of great significance, which is the recognition of Vietnamese herbal formulas. The effectiveness of medicinal herbs has been proven, clearly and fully, through technology and scientific studies. 

Story: Thao Vy/VNP   Photos: Cong Dat & Files   Translated by Hong Hanh