Vietnamese Cha oc

Vietnamese Cha oc


The main ingredients of cha oc.

Cha oc(Vietnamese snail ham) is a unique dish from the northern delta countryside. It has now become a popular and favorite food in Hanoi as well as other localities in Vietnam. 


From the countryside, cha oc is brought daily to tables in the city. It also is listed on menus of big restaurants in Hanoi.

The main ingredients needed to cook cha oc include freshwater snail meat, seasoned raw pork paste, lolot leaves, shiso leaves, onion, ginger,  black pepper and cooking oil. 


Cha oc is served with  sweet and sour sauce 

It is quite simple to cook cha oc. The ginger, onions, lolot and shiso leaves are chopped as finely as possible. The snail flesh also is sliced as small as pomegranate seeds. The raw pork paste, chopped snail flesh, onion, ginger, lolot and shiso leaves, black pepper and cooking oil are mixed in a big bowl until well-blended.

The prepared ingredient is wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed until well-done and has a very distinctive flavor.

It is best served hot with sweet and sour sauce.  Delicious cha oc is soft, not dry with special flavors of snail flesh and herbs. 


A place to try cha oc:

The second floor, My Way Hotel & Residence at No.2, Alley 86, Duy Tan street, Hanoi.

Tel: (+84) 93 657 1080

Story: Bich Van/VNP  Photos: Thanh Giang  Translated by Nguyen Tuoi