Vietnam war veteran mends post-war wounds

Vietnam war veteran mends post-war wounds



Searcy helped launch Project RENEW in 2001 which now in partnership with Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) carries out an extensive program to survey and clear unexploded bombs. Formerly a fierce battlefield, Quang Tri today still has explosive remnants of war. 


“The first time I came to Quang Tri, my heart was pounding when I saw that the people here were very poor, and unexploded ordnance left from the war were still prevalent in the area. The cooperation between Vietnam and the US through international non-governmental organizations like PeaceTrees Vietnam, Mines Advisory Group and NPA to clear unexploded ordnance in this place is very necessary to bring a peaceful life to the people”, said Searcy.



Ngo Xuan Hien, Communications and Development Manager of RENEW said, “Searcy, who has lived and worked in Vietnam for more than 27 years, has made extremely important contributions to reconciliation efforts and promoting comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and the United States.”


VFP 160 also launches Bicycles for Education initiative that provides brand-new bicycles to disadvantaged schoolchildren in central of Vietnam.

Recently, at the ceremony to give the bicycles to schoolchildren in Vinh Thai commune, Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri province, Searcy said emotionally, “We hope these new bicycles will bring students a lot of joy while riding them to school every day.”



Searcy and VFP 160 have also gone to Hue and Da Nang to donate bicycles to schools. Every year, 200 bicycles are donated to students in these two localities.

Searcy, along with other veterans, campaigned for the "Inside Vietnam Peace tour" program. This is a tour for friends of VFP160 to visit Vietnam with stops at schools throughout the country. Visitors participating in the program all contribute to the general fund and participate in volunteer projects to support the poor in Vietnam./.




Story:  Bich Van

Photos:  Viet Cuong & Files

Design:  Dang Tien