Tomato Handmade Products

Tomato Handmade Products

With a passion for handmade artistic products, Thanh Tung and Hoai Anh have created Vietnamese handmade products branded Tomato Handmade from high-quality fabric fibers.

Products in display area of Tomato Handmade in Hanoi. Photo: Khanh Long/VNP 



After going through many jobs at various companies, Thanh Tung, with a degree in finance and Hoai Anh, with a degree in architecture, tried making fabric bags and small stuffed animals to sell at weekend markets in Ecopark and West Lake. When they saw customers buying quite a few, the two began to think about creating their own brand of products and they found Tomato Handmade in 2016.

Tung said that when they first started, Tomato Handmade focused on tourism products which are sold at Noi Bai International Airport. They also opened additional stores on Hang Bot and Au Trieu streets, Hanoi where many international customers came to buy, generating daily revenue ranging from 20-30 million dong (approximately 800-1,200 US dollars). However, when COVID-19 broke out, Tomato Handmade shifted its focus to gift products primarily targeting businesses.




To give Tomato Handmade a unique touch to each of their products, the designs are conceptualized by Hoai Anh. Then, with the help of colleagues, they will proceed with modeling, calculating the size of the prototype, and finally, sewing and embroidering the products.

According to Hoai Anh, Tomato Handmade uses raw Korean or American 100% cotton fabric to make products that are environmentally friendly. They also use traditional fabrics of the Mong ethnic people or fabrics from old clothes woven and embroidered by craftsmen in Mai Chau (Hoa Binh), which have been carefully selected. Unlike other handmade products on the market, Tomato Handmade products often pay attention to the functionality of the product.

For example, a wallet not only has compartments for money and cards, but also comes with a wrist strap or a crossbody strap for convenient use.




The products that are currently considered the most distinctive and expensive of Tomato Handmade are the bags made using of patchwork and quilting. This is a simple sewing technique but requires  meticulousness and patience. The hardest thing about quilting is coordinating colors and patterns to match, showcasing the artist's aesthetic taste and creativity. Currently, the price of each bag is sold by Tomato Handmade for several million dong depending on the size and shape.

Tomato Handmade products are very diverse, catering to a wide range of customers who buy handbags, backpacks, home decor, and children's items. When visiting the Tomato Handmade showroom on Ha Dinh street, Hanoi, one can find everything from cute small items like cup coasters and tablecloths to pillows, unique fashion accessories made from real fabric, beautiful and high-quality bedding sets, and even delightful gifts for children.

Tung said that although the tourism industry has recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, Tomato Handmade is still primarily focused on corporate products. At the same time, they have also begun to expand their sales to some of Vietnam's e-commerce platforms with products that have reasonable prices for consumers. 

Tomato Handmade products. Photo: Tomato Handmade

Story: Ngan Ha/VNP Photos: Khanh Long & FiLes Translated by Hong Hanh