Thomas Lymenstull Inspires Vietnamese Piano Students

Thomas Lymenstull Inspires Vietnamese Piano Students

Prof. Thomas Lymenstull evaluates the piano skills of Vietnamese students during a test.

Professor Thomas Lymenstull from the Interlochen Arts Academy (US) is not only a world-renowned pianist, but also a respected and compassionate educator. In recent years, he has trained numerous Vietnamese students in piano, instilling in them the skills to master the instrument and become genuine artists on stage.

As a dedicated teacher, Prof. Lymenstull has built a studio for exceptional young piano artists from all over the world at the Interlochen Arts Academy. Students of Prof. Lymenstull have won national and international awards in the US and China, while continuing their studies at Curtis, Juilliard, Eastman, Peabody, Oberlin, Rice,  Northwestern, and many other major music schools and universities in the US and other countries.

Coming to Vietnam in 2022, and working with the Vietnam National Academy of Music, Prof. Lymenstull searched for Vietnamese students with musical talents. During his time in Vietnam, Prof. Lymenstull participated in many workshops to test the skills of the students by having them play the piano, grading them, directly correcting each student's mistakes, and playing the piano with them.



Prof. Lymenstull has not only partnered with the Vietnam National Academy of Music, but also collaborated with several music centers in Vietnam, such as Harmony, Viet Thuong Music, and faculties of arts at universities like Van Hien University. As part of the Artist in Residence event series at the SMPAA Center, he assisted students in learning piano, exchanging experiences, and gaining insights into international music.

Additionally, Prof. Lymenstull taught the Piano Master class for Vietnamese students, highlighting the significance of conveying depth in artistic performance, which is critical for those who aspire to be professional performing artists on stage. At the space of Viet Thuong Music in Hanoi, the assessment sessions with Prof. Lymenstull were truly fascinating. He and the students worked tirelessly on the keys, producing sweet and energetic sounds that embodied the essence of life.

Every year, Prof. Lymenstull has a busy schedule with guest teaching, performances, and judging, at conservatories and music schools in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, and over 20 cities in China. He has also performed and taught at the Shanghai International Piano Festival, the Amalfi Coast Music Festival, and the Montecito International Music Festival, as well as serving as a regular judge for competitions around the world, most recently in Japan, Washington DC, Singapore, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Hangzhou.


In the future, Prof. Lymenstull desires to seek and teach many Vietnamese students who are passionate about learning to play the piano. Many Vietnamese students in the US who are studying with Prof. Lymenstull are demonstrating excellent skills. Every year, he also sets aside time to come to Vietnam to recruit students and share his piano teaching skills. 

Prof. Thomas Lymenstull evaluates the piano skills of Vietnamese students during a test.

Prof. Lymenstull, an American, has performed solo piano concerts in many countries and territories such as the United States and Japan, Austria, italy, Taiwan (China) and China, as well as appearing with famous orchestras like the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and the Kronos Quartet. Prof. Lymenstull's performances have been featured on WFMT Chicago, Voice of America, and National Public Radio.

Story: Bich Van/VNP Photos: Viet Cuong Translated by Hong Hanh