Teaching Vietnamese tea art to foreigners

Teaching Vietnamese tea art to foreigners

The tea-making class lures numerous foreigners in Vietnam.

The tea-making class for foreigners at Tien Thien Tra was inspired by the idea that “Tea is a place imbued with the sophistication of Vietnamese culinary culture”. Tea trees and tea forests have long been part of the lives of Vietnamese people. This formed a Vietnamese traditional tea production industry known all around the world. Not everyone knows how to make a good pot of tea. That technique needs to be learned and the one who is brewing tea must know about the Vietnamese tea ceremony.


Pham Kieu Hoa, CEO and an expert with Tien Thien Tra company, said, “In Vietnam, the ancient Shan Tuyet tea trees grow on mountains higher than 1,000m, and are 100-800 years old. The local ethnic people such as the Dao and Thai collect tea leaves to make premium brands such as Shan bamboo sprouts, Pho Thien Shan, White tea, Green tea, Pink tea, Pho tea, and flower-marinated tea. Tien Thien tea products are made from tea buds covered with white snow feathers, and green leaves with the natural pure flavor of the northwest mountains. This drink is very good for one’s health.

Since opening in 2022, the tea-making class for ex-pats and international visitors at Tien Thien Tra has attracted a lot of participants. The art class on Vietnamese tea is organized by Tien Thien Tra with courses at all levels. The Tra Khoi class for beginners helps learners have an overview of Vietnamese teas and know the origin of each kind. Next is the Shan Tra Class, which specializes in the art of mixing and tasting ancient tea.




David Devin is now a student in the Khoi Tra class. He said, “Since I worked at the US State Department, I have had the chance to travel to all the continents, but the thing that holds me the most to Vietnam are these simple specialties”. Even at the age of 80, the former diplomat still studies how to make tea. He said that learning the art of Vietnamese tea  has helped improve his health, calm him down at work, and live happily in his second home, Vietnam.


Others, like Andy Bear, are passionate about learning how to make tea. Aiming to build up knowledge for his profession, Andy, a Russian editor, is very diligent in studying and understanding Vietnamese culture. 


For Valentina Yugay, a South Korean, learning tea-making rituals helps her understand the culture of Vietnam.


The 1-hour-30-minute tea-making class is full of fun and surprises. Each student has fun with the cup of tea they make by themselves. Stellar, Vice President of Friends of Vietnamese Heritage, was so interested in this class that she has already attended 2 courses and has invited her mother from the UK to enjoy Vietnamese tea.


Learning the techniques to make tea mean exploring the Vietnamese tea cultures as well as the Vietnamese cultural life.