Tan Ha, a Trusted Educational Equipment Brand

Tan Ha, a Trusted Educational Equipment Brand

Tan Ha education equipment Company Limited was founded in 1995 with the goal of incorporating educational furniture products from developed economies worldwide into Vietnam's educational reform journey. Since then, the company has made steady progress by introducing a diverse range of boards to meet the demands of all customers in the market.

For nearly 30 years of building, developing, and accompanying Vietnam's renewal process, especially in the field of education, Tan Ha has become a name closely associated with innovation and new thinking in Vietnam's educational equipment. In 1995, the company imported Danish technology to produce the first anti-glare steel surface writing board in Vietnam. The product quickly dominated the national educational equipment market.

When Tan Ha developed the Flipchart UpsiteDown product line, which was granted an exclusive industrial design certificate, it quickly became the best-selling conference board in Vietnam. The application of Duratech technology to educational board products has helped Tan Ha become the pioneer company for the era of non-shaking boards. The advanced adhesive technology and frame system have also enabled Tan Ha to introduce frameless board products that modern office interior designers prefer to use.

With their AirFrame and Oval brands, Tan Ha has created a "revolution" for the board system used in offices, making them no longer rigid but instead resembling art exhibition displays. Meanwhile, the Easyboard and Kidmate board products for families and children have become bestselling products in thousands of bookstores nationwide.

Tan Ha's invention, which is considered a revolution in the era of Industry 4.0, is the Mositech SS03 sliding board line, granted a Useful Solution certificate by the National Office of Intellectual Property. The Mositech sliding board is now present in almost all international bilingual school systems and public schools across 63 provinces and cities.

Tan Ha's pioneering spirit is also evident in many other innovative products that have never been seen before on the market, such as the pinboard system, soundproof partition walls with multi-functional decoration for classrooms, lecture halls, corridors and multi-purpose sports rooms. In the field of educational furniture, the modern and flexible Kota, Maya and Inca brands educational desks and chairs are currently being used in a range of leading educational institutions such as Vinschool International Bilingual Schools, VinUni University and CIS International School.


Tan Ha is the only educational equipment company that owns a specialized applied research facility in educational interior design called the Tan Ha Educational Interior Design Development Research Center. The center is where investments are made and new products undergo research to serve the five subsidiary companies of the Tan Ha Group.

Tan Ha has now become the only educational equipment company with a nationwide coverage across all 63 provinces, not only in the production field but also in research and development and educational interior design. Moreover, the company also serves as a customer service distribution network to thousands of agencies and dealers for thousands of schools, offices, factories, hospitals, and millions of households nationwide.

Tan Ha's educational equipment products are on display at high-quality consumer goods fairs.

Story: Thao Vy/VNP Photos: Thanh Giang Translated by Hong Hanh