Tam Dao, the World’s Best Town Destination

Tam Dao, the World’s Best Town Destination

The World Travel Awards honored Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc) as the world's best town destination in 2022. With a diverse range of tourism services including resorts, ecotourism, adventure tourism, research, and spiritual tourism, the Tam Dao tourist area has attracted numerous domestic and international tourists.

Tam Dao town seen from above.  

Covering an area of over 214ha, Tam Dao is situated at an altitude of over 900m, comprising two villages No.1 and No.2. Most of the famous tourist attractions are located in village No.1. Tam Dao tourist area is surrounded by primeval forests, giving it a cool climate. The town has been bestowed with a breathtaking landscape that is both poetic and mystical, as well as grandiose and fanciful in the mist and wind.

Located in the center of Tam Dao, the stone church stands solemnly on the mountainside surrounded by swaying pine trees. With many precious and unique features, the Tam Dao church has become a popular attraction in Tam Dao. The church was built in 1906 on the road to Thien Nhi mountain. Initially, it was a thatched roof house built by the French. It wasn't until 1937 that the church was rebuilt with stone in a Gothic architectural style. This is one of the classic architectural works in Tam Dao that survived the destruction caused by war.



Another must-see destination for almost every tourist is the Cloud bridge, where visitors can admire the peaceful scenery of Tam Dao. If one is lucky enough to visit on cloudy and misty days, they will feel like they are immersed in a mystical space and standing in the middle of a sea of clouds. The bridge has been equipped with a bird's nest swing and a beautiful staircase that is definitely a photo spot.

On the way to Tam Dao, tourists also have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the scenery of Truc Lam Tay Thien Zen Monastery. This is one of the three largest Zen monasteries in Vietnam. The monastery was built next to the ancient pagoda of Tay Thien. It is a place where Buddhism is learned and also a foundation for promoting exchanges with other countries.


Known as the "Da Lat of the North", Tam Dao offers unique experiences and sensations for visitors which has long been a favorite destination for vacations.



There are beautiful resorts and hotels for visitors in Tam Dao.

Visiting Tam Dao, travelers can experience four seasons in one day. In the morning, there is a mild spring breeze and the warm heat of summer at noon. In the afternoon, the languidness of autumn's drizzle comes and at night, Tam Dao has a little bit of the coldness of winter.

Story: Vy Thao/VNP Photos: Cong Dat Translated by Nguyen Tuoi