Sunhouse – a Global Brand of Kitchenware

Sunhouse – a Global Brand of Kitchenware

After 22 years of operation and with 12 factories, Sunhouse is known as one of the leading firms in producing and selling housewares and kitchenware in Vietnam. The enterprise targets to build a global brand name with revenue of billions US dollar by 2025. 

At a showroom of Sunhouse. 

The Journey to Open Factories 

According to founder and Chairman of Sunhouse group Nguyen Xuan Phu, he opened Phu Thang company (predecessor of Sunhouse) in 2000 which specialized in importing and distributing Korean cookware items in Vietnam. 

Thanks to his trips to foreign markets, Phu has broadened his horizons and realized that Vietnamese people can also open factories, master technology and manufacture products on par with the other countries.

With the belief of Vietnamese enterprises producing Vietnamese products, Phu invested in producing houseware products.

In 2003, Sunhouse officially cooperated with a South Korean partner to build the first factory to make non-stick pans and stainless-steel pots. The year 2005 marked a breakthrough for the company when they installed cold anodized technology from South Korea.  Anodized aluminum products have the advantages of high durability, good scratch resistance and good electrical insulation. 

The enterprise continuously opened factories as well as production lines of products such as rice cookers, gas stoves, induction cookers, R.O water purification plants, Aluba aluminum-plastic, Narae microchips, light bulbs and the air- fryer for export to the US. In a short time, the firm has put large factories into operation as well as mastering the core technology and product quality in four sectors, including plastics, mechanics, microchips, heating and auxiliary technologies (plating and non-sticking).


The air-fryers and LED light bulbs made by Sunhouse meet the strictest international inspection regulations and have been ordered by the US.  The revenue of these two factories in 2021 reached nearly 1,500 billion dong (60.4 million US dollars). Products such as non-stick pans, stainless steel pots, anodized pots, and Sunhouse electric rice cookers have been exported to nearly 20 international markets such as Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brazil, the US, South Korea, Japan and Canada with revenue of 100 million US dollars/year.


Sunnhouse – Honoring Vietnamese Products

As a leading firm in the sector of household goods and kitchenware in Vietnam, Sunhouse constantly researches and applies advanced technology to improve its product’s quality and provide to the market fine and safe products. It has invested in training at a high-level to turn the Sunhouse brand into a billion-dollar enterprise by 2025. The company also has set a strategic target with sales of 5,000 billion dong (201 million US dollars) by 2022 and 10,000 billion dong (402 million US dollars) by 2025.

National Sale Manager of Sunhouse Vu Thanh Hai said that Sunhouse has built an ecosystem of "Vietnamese happy kitchens", creating a value chain to complete a modern kitchen. With a network of 60,000 retail stores, production and businesses of more than 500 essential household products, several Sunhouse products have occupied 30% of the domestic market. Gas stoves, electric rice cookers and non-stick pans have been awarded prestigious certificates for many consecutive years, taking the leading position in the housewares industry and in the hearts of Vietnamese consumers.

Thanks to 2,500 passionate employees and a synchronous infrastructure, Sunhouse has not only developed sustainably in the Vietnamese market, but also is highly appreciated in the international market.

“In 2022, Sunhouse started selling to the US market, including sales on Amazon and expanded exports to Indonesia”.

National Sales Manager of Sunhouse Vu Thanh Hai