LUMI Smart Home of Vietnam

LUMI Smart Home of Vietnam

After ten years of development and brand-building, Lumi Vietnam has come to be the leading enterprise in the industry of smart homes in Vietnam and is gradually exporting smart homes globally.

"Make in Vietnam" Product

In 2011, three students studying Automation at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Nguyen Tuan Anh, Nguyen Duc Tai, and Dam Duc Quang, participated in the BK-TNT Robocon. They came up with an innovative idea of an intelligent home to realize their dream of using artificial intelligence in life.

The foundation of Lumi Vietnam was a symbol of Vietnamese intellect on the creative journey of creating a smart home.

The first steps into this field brought members of Lumi both difficulties and opportunities. Nguyen Duc Tai, CEO of Lumi Vietnam said, "In 2011, few countries in the world had invented smart homes. In Vietnam, people had never heard of this concept. At that time, iPhone 3 was being used, giving Vietnamese their first knowledge about the vibrating electric induction technology by touching and swiping the screen. Our team had an idea to make something that could be applied using this technology. The sensor switch is Lumi's first product and the backbone of the first smart home solution deployed in Vietnam".



It is difficult to list all the hardships of the founders of Lumi in the first years. In addition to being programmers, creators, designers, and manufacturers of smart home devices, they played the roles of salespeople in shaping the market and bringing products to each customer.

Nguyen Duc Tai recalled, "We devised a discipline plan to approach four customers daily to introduce our products. The smart home was still too new in Vietnam at that time. We did everything with love, believing that our technology products would bring the best platform and solution for homeowners.

After three years of building the brand, Lumi Vietnam expanded its sales system and started introducing products on international trade platforms such as Alibaba and Amazon.

Lumi has been ahead of the world's new technology trends, establishing its foothold with product lines capable of integrating into leading international ecosystems such as Apple, Google and Amazon. It allows users to control smart devices through a virtual assistant and synchronize control with Apple products via the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. 



Lumi has manufactured 65 products, including a smart sensor switch, central controller, intelligent door lock, smart LED light, smart curtain, infrared controller sensor, Module, Socket, and SmartLighting system.

Lumi is the first innovative Vietnamese home brand to receive the European CE certificate and the QUACERT certificate confirming "made in Vietnam" intellectual products.

Lumi has 150 distributors in Vietnam, providing smart home devices to more than 50,000 customers.

Winning over the International Market

In 2022, Lumi announced new products, bringing more choices to users, such as Camera Ai, Smart Lighting, WallPad and Smartlook 2nd generation. The company spends 11 to 14% of its revenue annually on product research and development.

Currently, Lumi is investing in a new factory expected to open in 2023. It is cooperating with FuNix University to make a Smarthome training curriculum and is collaborating with the Thai Nguyen University of Industrial Technology in opening a Research and Development Department to train future engineers in Vietnam.


Lumi received their first oversea orders from India. So far, Lumi has exported products to Singapore, Cambodia, Australia, Brazil, Australia, and Israel. Lumi set a strategy for the coming years, which is expanding in the market of Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Lumi has been the most favorite smart home brand for two consecutive years at Tech Awards (2020, 2021), voted by Vnexpess e-newspaper as the excellent Vietnamese smart home brand in 2020, and won the Sao Khue Award three times.

Taking product quality as a prerequisite, Lumi wants to be a creative aesthetic brand. Leslie, Director of Innotel Solutions, a distributor of Lumi smart homes in Singapore, concluded: "Vietnam Lumi brought me a favorable approach to the market. The solid technology platform and closed process from research, creation, and production are all made by Vietnamese".