Exploring the Bat Trang Pottery Museum

Exploring the Bat Trang Pottery Museum

Bat Trang pottert museum seen from above. 

The 3,000m2 museum was designed by architect Hoang Thuc Hao’s company and was built in 2018 with a total capital of 150 billion dong (6.6 million US dollars). In the design process, the architects met with pottery experts, local artisans and villagers to discuss the plans. The museum provides a large-scale open space for showcasing the artisans’ work, retelling the history of the village and the commercial functions that support the livelihood of the community.

The striking form of the building was achieved by using fiber-reinforced concrete cladding, which is light enough to be expanded upwards and easy to construct for the local builders. Aside from the concrete cladding and frame, earthen bricks, mosaic ceramic and pottery tiles were used throughout the building, making good use of materials that are characteristic of the Bat Trang craft village.The tiered, canyon-like building was formed in the shape of pottery wheels, but it also brings to mind a traditional kiln—domed structures that are made of bricks. The volume created between these seven upside-down domes has resulted in open-air areas on the ground level. 


Its structure is based on the traditional kiln of Bat Trang villagers.
The tiered, canyon-like building was formed in the shape of pottery wheels.

Each floor of the museum has a coterie of unique styles. The first floor is the space for hosting events, exhibitions and traditional festivals and selling various pottery products made by Bat Trang artisans.The 2nd floor in the central area of the Bat Trang pottery museum is the area to display artistic ceramic products throughout the process of formation and development of the Bat Trang ceramic village. In this area, tourists will learn about the history of the craft village.  The 3rd is dedicated to permanent and thematic exhibitions on Bat Trang pottery in the past and present with numerous stunning works which represent the continual development of the craft village.Visitors can relax on the 4th floor while sipping a cup of coffee or enjoy folk art performances on the 5th floor. On the ground floor, tourists can show their sense of artistry by creating their own ceramic products.  It also is a display area for artists.

The exhibition area is divided into many spaces and each space is suitable for a different type of ceramic products. 
Bat Trang ceramic and pottery products are on display at the museum.

The top floor is dedicated to tea ceremonies.

With unique architecture and historical values, Bat Trang pottery museum has become a perfect getaway for art lovers. It is currently open seven days a week from 8:00am to 6:00pm and the entrance cost is 50,000 dong (2.14 US dollars) per person, which includes tickets to the whole museum.