DONG A Company’s Diamond Garlic

DONG A Company’s Diamond Garlic

With a desire to promoting black garlic as a healthy food and promising product for global export, Dong A Diamond garlic is gradually asserting its position in the pharmaceutical industry of Vietnam. The Dong A Diamond Garlic factory is recognized as the first black garlic factory in Vietnam to meet GMP standards.

Ms. Le Minh Nguyet, General Director of Dong A Pharmaceutical Company.

Seeking Out Technology

July is the peak season of a garlic harvest. This is also the time of the year when the Dong A Diamond Garlic factory operates at  full capacity, processing 2.5tons of fresh garlic every day. The blackgarlic factory has been operating since 2016 in Que Vo (Bac Ninh) in an area of 1.5ha. The factory has 16 fermentation chambers with a capacity of 600tons/year, making it the largest black garlic factory using Japanese technology in Vietnam.

In order to operate such a large factory, Dong A Black Garlic has undergone an arduous journey to seek out Japanese technology as well as invest in intellectual and human resources. Ms. Le Minh Nguyet, General Director of Dong A Pharmaceutical Company, said that Japan is the leading country in garlic fermentation technology. The company sought access to the Nagamine Company, which is the largest enterprise in Japan that has the secret of traditional fresh garlic fermentation.



Upon recognition of the sincere enthusiasm of the Dong A company, Nagamine agreed to transfer black garlic fermentation technology. This transfer marks a new step of cooperation between Vietnam and Japan in the field of healthy foods and set the foundation for the black garlic of the Dong A brand to come to the market.


According to Mr. Kazuyuki - General Director of Nagamine Japan Joint-stock Company, the cooperation between Nagamine and Dong A is a destiny. This is because the two companies share the same desire of bringing this quality product to as many people as possible. Nagamine's belief in Dong A has been confirmed by the quality diamond garlic with a quantity supplied to the market of at least 300tons/year.

After a long time of trial production, Dong A Diamond Garlic has been officially on sale since 2015. Since then, Dong A diamond garlic has become a familiar food to many Vietnamese people.

Dong A Black Garlic - A Healthy Vietnamese Treat

Dong A black garlic is a product of high quality. It contains active ingredients certified with food safety and nutrient standards by Intertek - Germany's leading testing and inspection organization. The product has been tested by the Food Safety Authority, the Central Institute for Drug Testing, the FDA, the  Intertek International Testing Organization and many others.

Dong A black garlic product. 

Dong A Diamond Garlic is made in a clean environment, using an HVAC system with HEPA filter H13 that can filter dust and bacteria. The garlic therefore is not contaminated or damaged by bacteria during fermentation. This is one of the important factors to help the product reach the best quality.

Dong A Pharmaceutical's GSP warehouse system is considered the best in Vietnam. Here, thousands of tons of garlic harvested from selected farms are stored at a temperature between -3 and 0 degrees Celsius, and without using any preservatives.

Aiming to sell its products to more consumers, Dong A Diamond Garlic Factory recently organized several tours to help consumers experience products at the production site.

Dong A Diamond Garlic Factory is exporting their garlic to South Korea, the US, Germany, the UK, Australia and Japan and supplying black garlic raw materials to many pharmaceutical factories in Vietnam.