Creations from eggs

Creations from eggs

For the first time, a food festival showcasing the variety of dishes that can be made from eggs, from simple to delicate ones, was held in Hanoi in June. The egg festival had celebrity guest chefs from Vietnam and other countries who together created innovative egg dishes.

A dish made from eggs at the festival. .


According to Tran Le Thanh Thien, Association of Master Chefs Vietnam, the chefs use eggs as an ingredient to connect Vietnamese and international cuisine. Vice President of the World The egg festival has transcended the boundaries of a country to become a meaningful activity of international cultural exchange, where eggs are turned into many delicious and beautiful dishes like art.




Attending the festival, visitors were surprised with various dishes made from eggs with traditional Vietnamese flavors as well as modern tastes by celebrity chefs. These included chicken egg poached with mushroom oil, egg steamed with soy sauce, egg braised with coconut water, mimosa truffle and crystal cake, soursop salad with shrimp and soft-boiled egg, and egg tea.


A S-shaped work featuring the map of Vietnam is created from egg cakes. 

The festival attracted five famous Vietnamese and international chefs, including Chef Hervé Rodriguez (French Michelin chef, owner and head chef of Herve restaurant, Ho Chi Minh City); Chef Hoang Tung (owner of T.U.N.G restaurant, in the Top 100 best restaurants in Asia in 2021 voted by The World's 50 best); Chef Vo Hoang Nhan (Vietnam Top Chef Champion 2014); Chef Le Xuan Tam (Chairman - World Association of Master chefs in Vietnam, Head Chef of Moo Beef restaurant); and Chef Nguyen Thi Ngoc Quyen (Head Chef at Movenpick Hotel Hanoi).