Building Economic Diplomacy for National Development

Building Economic Diplomacy for National Development

After working with 176 trade representative offices abroad to seek solutions on accelerating trade promotion in 2022 and orientations to 2025, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh chaired a meeting with heads of Vietnamese representative agencies abroad to promote economic diplomacy for national development.


The conferences were carried out after Directive No. 15-CT/TW dated August 10, 2022 on economic diplomacy for the country’s development until 2030 by the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam. According to the Directive, it is necessary to clearly define the pillars in directing and guiding economic diplomacy with a focus on national interests and practical effectiveness which are considered the top criteria in implementing economic diplomacy activities.

In its report on economic diplomacy 2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives six major pillars for economic diplomacy in the future. These include thoroughly understanding Secretariat Directive No.15-CT/TW, then directing and increasing the efficiency of coordination in implementing economic diplomacy; continually promoting the strengths of diplomacy in research, forecasting and supporting the country’s management; taking advantage of external activities, especially high-ranking diplomacy to boost economic cooperation and remove obstacles; speeding up new impetuses and promotion activities and supporting key economic sectors and fields for localities and businesses in the future.

At the conference, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh said that it is necessary to take advantage and promote all opportunities to develop the country, continue to boost the three main driving forces of the economy, including consumption, investment and export, towards establishing a higher position of Vietnam in global production and supply.



The Prime Minister reiterated the principle that stability must be maintained in the midst of uncertainty; maintain the initiative against the passive one; remain steadfast and consistent in the midst of change and turmoil; establish risk management tools for the economy during recession and crisis; and build a line of international economic cooperation and competition in the context of deep integration. In the future, diplomacy should take full advantage and bring into full play the country's potential and new strength and be proactive in creating a favorable situation for Vietnam’s peace, security and development.

 Vietnamese representative agencies abroad continue to effectively establish relations with other countries, actively convey Vietnam’s message and image with important platforms, promote tourism with a focus on creating conditions for visas for international visitors and pay much attention to caring for citizen protection.



The diplomatic representatives should change thoughts and be bold and creative to make breakthroughs in economic diplomacy on the basis of upholding the principles of firmness, carefulness and steadfastness in goals with sincerity and modesty. It should focus on diversifying markets and products; promoting potentials in Free Trade Agreement (FTAs) partner countries; expanding the market to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South America, South Asia, Africa and Australia while enhancing the diversification of supply chains.

The Prime Minister noted that it is necessary to take advantage of every opportunity to attract external resources for green transformation and sustainable development; attract investment in the energy industry, especially renewable energy, with the priority of developing key transport infrastructures in energy, digital transformation, climate change response infrastructure, health infrastructure and education; support Vietnamese businesses to invest abroad; and actively prevent and solve risks and disputes.


With the joint effort and consensus of the diplomatic sector, overseas representative agencies, departments, ministries, branches, localities and enterprises can effectively implement the diplomatic motto of “sentiment, sincerity, truth, equality, respect, effectiveness, and mutual development”, Vietnam will continue to achieve new and more important achievements, contributing more to the cause of national industrialization and modernization, for the prosperity of the country and for the happiness and prosperous lives of the people.